We’re Back!

Hey Folks.

It’s quite common for a personal travel blog to have long gaps of inactivity. I don’t take dope bike trips every month. But last month I did.

We gonna catch up real quick. In the last week of October I rode from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo. A quick jaunt by my standards, and I wish I was still out there.

A further housekeeping note; for yinz looking into some of my older posts, I have bad news. A little over two years ago someone deleted my old blog. I salvaged what I could from my backups, but some of the archives are still missing. It took me a long time to feel right about wanting to share it again, but I had to remind myself that those five years of words were for me. Not the person who deleted them.

But get pumped, because I’m starting fresh with the most recent trip outlined above. Coming up next is the planning stages and first days of the trip!